Smoky Mountain Meanderings
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Grand Junction Depot
The porch at the entrance of the Grand Junction Depot of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.  This depot building is sited within a triangle where the whole train is turned at this end of the line. The museum has two sites in Chattanooga, Grand Junction and East Chattanooga, with a heritage train service running the short distance between.  We found it best to base our visit at the Grand Junction site in Cromwell Road (behind the NMRA headquarters) -even though it is further out of town- because the majority of exhibits are based there.
Entering East Chattanooga
The train going round the curve into East Chattanooga depot, where the preservation workshops of the TVRM are situated.
Clerestory roof
This picture, taken by my younger daughter Fiona, was intended to be of Katherine and myself sitting in the coach car.  Her questionable pictorial composition and lack of compensation for parallax error on a non-SLR camera has fortuitously provided me with a good illustration of the marvellous clerestory style roof in the coach car!
Loco #610 coming off the turntable
TVRM 2-8-0 #610 coming off the turntable at East Chattanooga after turning.  The process of turning, servicing the loco and running round, is explained by the train's conductor.

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