New York Transit Museum
21st August 2007
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


Brooklyn Union Elevated car 1404  
Exterior of Brooklyn Union Elevated car 1404 1404 is another former BRT Elevated Car that was rebuilt and modernised in the 1930s and 1950s. As rebuilt in the 1930s it became the "c" car of unit 1603. It was renumbered to unit 1622 in 1957 when the roofs were lowered.
Interior of Brooklyn Union Elevated car 1404 In 1979 the three cars of 1622 were restored to their original open platform, but still retailed the modifications of lowered roofs and IRT bogies.


IRT Low-V car 4902  
Interior of Low-V car 4902

Due to the location and lighting conditions during our visit, only the photograph of the interior of 4902 was usable.

Ordered in 1915 and built by the Pullman Car Company of steel construction, the 178 Low-V cars used high voltage traction components and bogies recovered from the IRT's original composite cars, but with a new low voltage (32-40 volt) control system.

The IRT's original composite cars had steel underframes and wooden bodies and were not as fire-resistant as desired nor were they suitably crash-resistant against later all steel cars. Thus they were withdrawn from Subway operation, bogies and traction equipment recycled to Low-V cars, high voltage control gear removed, given lighter bogies, and then redeployed to elevated lines in Manhattan and the Bronx.


R1 car 100  
Exterior of R1 car 100

R1 cars were the first contract for what was eventually a fleet of one thousand seven hundred and three nearly identical cars of types R1, R4, R6, R7 and R9 ordered by the IND (Independent Subway) system. The three hundred R1s were ordered from the American Car & Foundry Company in November 1928 for the Eighth Avenue line, which opened in 1932. Thus early deliveries were tested on the BMT's Sea Beach line in 1931.

Car 100 is the lowest numbered of the R1-R9 fleet in the 100 to 1802 series.

Interior of R1 car 100

There is a small driving cab at each end on the right hand side and platform lengths permitted up to eleven cars to operate in multiple. The seats are of natural coloured Rattan.


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