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North Carolina Transportation Museum

Museum site
The North Carolina Transportation Museum at Spencer NC occupies the site of the Southern Railway's Spencer Shops. This massive workshop and servicing facility was located on the SR mainline approximately half way between Washington DC and Atlanta.  It was named after Sam Spencer who created the successful and innovative Southern Railway system from smaller weaker independent railroads.   The workshops came first, the town of Spencer grew up around it. Although Spencer was very much a railroad town the Southern Railway did not seek to exploit this and they actively encouraged free enterprise in the area.   This is a photograph of the water tanks which overshadow the town and the former transformer building (now visitors' restrooms!)
Back Shop
The massive (but now derelict) Back Shop where major overhauls were performed and on the right the former Master Mechanic's Office, now the museum's administration offices, giftshop and a small display area.
Roundhouse and turntable
A picture of just under half of the magnificent 37 stall roundhouse, built in 1924 on the site of a smaller roundhouse, which now houses most of the museum's restored railroad exhibits and in front part of the 100ft turntable. I found it took three overlapping exposures with my panorama camera to fit the whole roundhouse in.
Paint shop
The Paint Shop, built 1902, now back in service for its original purpose.
ACL E8A #501
Recently added to the museum's collection: an Atlantic Coast Line E3A, built in 1939.

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