Disney Theme Park Railroads
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We now move to the monorail systems. Ever since I first saw a Disney monorail in 1988 I have been referring to the trains by their highlight colour. I now find that this is how they are officially referred to!
Red monorail at Disneyland California

Just seeing this makes me think I am back in the 1950s reading Dan Dare in The Eagle comic! However this is getting on for 60 year later and it still looks like something from the future.

This is Red monorail monorail crossing the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage lagoon in Disneyland, California, on 19th August 2010. There are currently three MkVll monorails running, the other two being Blue and Orange. The MkVll is, despite the designation, 5th generation of monorail trains to run at Disneyland. Introduced from 2008 they are a refurbishment of the MkV, which hails from 1987.

Straddling a concrete beam, running on rubber tyres, pickup is 600v DC from busbars running on the right side of the beam. Each car of the 5 cars is motored.

Silver monorail at Epcot Florida Over to Walt Disney World, Florida, and Silver monorail is plying across Epcot Center during August 1991. The MklV monorail trains in Florida, which were introduced in 1989, pick up from a busbar either side of the beam. 600v DC is still used, with 8 113hp motors distributed between the six cars of each train.
Ornage monorail outside the Magic Kingdom, Florida

Orange monorail is approaching the Magic Kingdom monorail station during August 1991.Orange is running on the outer loop - you cannot see it straddling its beam - so it is on an express service between the Magic Kingdom and the Transportation & Ticket Center.

As mentioned previously the monorail system in Florida is far more extensive than in California with three lines and eleven trains: the others being Red, Coral, Gold, Yellow, Teal (with white deltas), Lime (with white deltas), Green, Blue and Black. A twelfth train is expected to be introduced in 2010.

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