San Francisco Cable & Street cars
15th August 2010
© copyright photographs by Fiona Duff

Car turntable at Aquatic Park The north end of Powell & Hyde workings is at the turntable at Aquatic Park near Ghirardelli Square.
Car #1 being turned on the turntable

Car #1 is now on Powell & Hyde workings and is being turned by hand on the turntable at Aquatic Park.

To view a video of this car being turned, please click here (32MB *.avi format, opens in a separate window).

PCC 1075 on Historic F Line

The Market Street Railway runs preserved streetcars from all over the world along the Historic F Line. This travels from Fisherman's Wharf along the The Embarcadero and onto Market Street, taking in The San Francisco Railway Museum along the way. This operation brackets the Powell & Hyde and Powell & Mason cable car routes.

Here is single ended PCC 1075 on Historic Line F. This is from a batch of PCC streetcars built 1946-48 for the Twin City Rapid Transit Company, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. It was then sold to Public Service Coordinated Transportation, Newark NJ in 1953, and inherited by New Jersey Transit. In 2004 it was acquired by Muni, modified and restored for San Francisco service. It is in the livery of Cleveland Ohio PCC operators.

MUNI Streetcar 1449 on The Embarcadero And now onto modern operations, San Francisco MUNI modern streetcar #1449 on a K Ingleside service on The Embarcadero (its eastern terminus) heading towards West Portal station.

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