San Francisco Cable & Street cars
15th August 2010
© copyright photographs by Fiona Duff
(unless otherwise credited)

Car #15 descending Powell Street

Unfortunately in 2010 we were not able to spend as long in the western states of the USA as we would have liked and with so much to fit in visiting San Francisco was a major casualty. However, our youngest daughter spent two days there before meeting us in Los Angeles. Over the years she must have been paying close attention to what I do because she presented me with an interesting and useful set of pictures of the cable and street cars.



(left) car #15 is seen here descending Powell Street in the vicinity of Union Square on a Powell & Mason working towards the Powell/Market turntable. Workings are defined by the streets in which they terminate, Powell Street and the Powell/Market turntable being common to Powell & Mason and Powell & Hyde lines, which run roughly north-south over Nob Hill. There is a third cable car line, not featured here, which runs east-west over Nob Hill along California Street.

Cars #15 and #1 pass in Powell Street A few moments later car #15 passes car #1, also on a Powell & Mason working, ascending Powell Street.
Car #1 acsending Powell Street Car #1 is about to pass Union Square on its way up to Nob Hill. It will then descend Mason Street to the turntable at Bay Street near Fisherman's Wharf.
Passengers inside car #1 (left and right) The interior of car #1.
SF Municipal Railway sigh in car #1
Looking up Powell Street at Pine Street Two photographs illustrating the measure of the task for the cable cars, looking up Powell Street as it goes up Nob Hill...
Looking down Powell Street towards Bush Street

...and downhill along Powell Street towards Union Square.

both photographs courtesy of Jenny Scarfe

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