Croydon Tramlink
6th January 2009 (unless otherwise stated)
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


I will have to admit that trams are not a prime interest of mine. However, they do run on rails, are (mostly) powered by electricity and they can move large numbers of passengers quickly. So by pressing some of my favourite buttons they are at least of secondary interest. Furthermore, in favour of Croydon Tramlink system's case, except when street-running it is mostly based on former Southern Region routes, plus I am Surrey born and bred (though not the Croydon area). Ultimately, as I have an annual 5 zone Travelcard I can ride up and down on it taking pictures all day for no additional travel expenditure!

The Croydon Tramlink system was opened in 2000. It is "hubbed" on the centre of Croydon with street-running and it has as its extremities Wimbledon, Beckenham Junction, Elmers End and New Addington. All branches, except to New Addington, have the overwhelming majority of their running on former Southern Region trackbeds. The system's depot is at the prosaically named, but not particularly salubrious, Therapia Lane. The articulated tramcars were built by Bombardier at Wien. Pickup is 750v DC overhead (the national standard for trams running on streets), there being four 120kW traction motors per tram in a Bo-2-Bo formation. Maximum speed is 50 m.p.h. and there are three braking systems - disc, regenerative and magnetic track. The doors are of the sliding plug type and each tram has 70 seats with a significant amount of standing room. Tickets must be bought prior to boarding, otherwise TfL Oyster cards and Travelcards are used.

To date I have managed to photograph 18 out of 24 trams with, currently, an even spread of the old red and new lime green liveries. Although not reflected by these pictures, I have so far traveled the entire public part of the system except the loop round from Church Street to Centrale. I will add more pictures when I get them and hopefully add more locations and the missing trams.

Colin. 10th March 2010


(red) 2531 about to stop at Wandle Park on the gloomy afternoon of 5th January 2007, heading to New Addington from Wimbledon

2531 about to stop at Wandle Park on the gloomy afternoon of 5th January 2007.

This was not taken on a photo expedition. My youngest daughter was about to start teaching practice at a school near to Wandle Park and we were assessing her journey from Roehampton by public transport (i.e. bus to Wimbledon, tram to Wandle Park) which whilst not quick proved to be less stressful than a drive with no quick and direct route, plus having to battle across the Purley Way.

(green) 2531 at Beckenham Junction on 6th January 2009 about to work to West Croydon Two years one day later - in bright sunshine (but with remnants of snow on the ground) and now in the new TfL tram livery - 2531 is in the platform at Beckenham Junction. The railway station is out of shot to the right. As Beckenham Junction is route 2, presumably the route 1 indication signifies that it is about to loop around Croydon and head for Elmers End.


(red) 2532 street running up Station Road Croydon on 6th January 2009 on its was to Beckenham Junction

Two pictures taken in quick succession of 2532 street running in the centre of Croydon.

Here 2532 is running uphill from West Croydon station (which arguably is more handy for shopping in Croydon than the mainline East Croydon station) along Station Road. Not only do cars have to beware the trams here but also buses regularly arriving and departing the bus station.

(red) 2532 about to turn right from Station Road Croydon into Wellesley Road on 6th January 2007 on its way to Beckenham Junction A few moments later 2532 is about to turn right into Wellesley Road and run along the central reservation.

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