Cathedrals Express
18th December 2008
30777 Sir Lamiel
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

30777 being hauled in reverse into Waterloo

My second attempt to get a decent shot of Sir Lamiel was nine days after the first and this time I decided upon Vauxhall. This was whilst I was working a week of night shifts so I needed not to go far and have a quick getaway home - which Vauxhall provides. With every passing minute my bed was summoning me!

This would be a decent shot if it was not for one thing - here 30777 is being hauled backwards by a diesel loco into Waterloo.

30777 approaching from behind a 455 unit

On this occasion the Cathedrals Express Carol Concert Special was running from Waterloo to Sherborne and Yeovil Junction, and return.

I was tempted to caption this shot either "steam powered 455" (but the smoke is in the reverse direction) or "well, it is definitely not a Desiro approaching", but I thought better of it!

Leaving Waterloo eight minutes late (and really threatening my train connection to get home promptly after) this was the early warning that the train was finally on its way.

30777 rounding the curve towards Vauxhall
Head on shot - 30777 approaching the platforms at Vauxhall
30777 about to enter the platform at Vauxhall Vauxhall is another place where you either play it safe with a shallow angle or take a very high risk of being obscured by another train. Again playing it safe and on the second attempt again fail to get really decent shot.

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