Cathedrals Express
29th April 2010
30777 Sir Lamiel
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

30777 approaching the camera having been through Shortlands Station

My third attempt at photographing Sir Lamiel came some 16 months later on 29th April 2010 with the Cathedrals Express from Waterloo, via the Linford Road viaduct, to Canterbury via Maidstone East. (The return was via Dover and Sevenoaks.)

This was also my first outing following an accident, surgery and being largely immobile for three months. I was still on crutches and only had a limited range. Having taken advice I decided to try a location new to me just east of Shortlands Station. The choice I found there was yet another shallow angle shot or a better angle with the risk of another train obscuring, and even if not obscured shooting against the light. Even though I had got there in good time I did not have the mobility or strength to try somewhere else, so again I decided to play it safe. As it happened a cloud went over the sun at the right moment so shooting against the light would have been OK.

30777 approaching Bromley South for its stop

The schedule from Waterloo to Shortlands Junction was hardly sparkling with a whopping 57 minutes allowed. The pace through Shortlands was pedestrian as the train was stopping at Bromley South (the next station, a little bit around the corner in this shot) to pick up more passengers.

So I have still to get the three-quarters and side-on shots of 30777 that I really want. At the time of writing (early September 2010) instead of being out on the mainline as planned this locomotive is currently being repaired, so there are no immediate opportunities for another try. At least I no longer need the crutches!

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