Golden Arrow
Saturday 16th June 2007
850 Lord Nelson
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

close up of Lord Nelson

Regret I did not have the time nor effort to plan and execute a chase of this special to Folkestone Harbour and Canterbury West so I settled for a few quick shots at Tonbridge on its way out so I could be back home and busy doing something else before lunch! This is such a magnificent specimen of Southern steam that the long journey just to see it for only about a minute was well worth it!


Here, 850 has just passed through Tonbridge Station and is heading east.

The train steaming into the distance bound for Folkestone S the train heads towards Paddock Wood I suppose we can forgive the two Mk2s and "Skip" in the formation! The lines in the foreground turning right are to Tunbridge Wells (notorious for its narrow tunnels) and eventually meeting the East Coastway line at St. Leonard's Warrior Square.

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