9th August 2015
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

The frontage of Liverpool Lime Stret Station on 9th August 2015

Our visit to Liverpool on 9th August 2015 was purely a sightseeing one. Our one and only previous visit to the city in September 1979 was to attend a wedding - at which I was Best Man - in the suburbs, and we never got to see the sights then. Just short of 36 years later we finally made it back.

Liverpool is of course one of the two cities associated with the world's first inter-city railway. Lime Street Station was constructed three years after the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, and became the railway's city centre terminus - the original at Edge Hill being further out.

The station was refurbished in 2013 and from the open top tour bus indeed looked very good. The adjacent North Western Railway Hotel (to the left) is now student accommodation.

GWR Good Station at Canning Graving Dock Liverpool on 9th August 2015

The extremely extensive docks at Liverpool were served by many railway companies, including the Great Western Railway (which is more closely associated with the across the Mersey Wirral Peninsular). The GWR's former goods station still exists adjacent to the Canning Graving Dock, near to the better known Albert Dock complex.

The Dazzle camouflaged painted ship is part of the Great War Centenary art exhibits on display in the city.

I hope to return again to this great city soon, certainly quicker than 36 years (I would be 97 if I did wait this long), to ride and photograph its railways.

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