Barmouth (Abermaw) Bridge
7th August 2015
© copyright photograph by Colin Duff

Barmouth Bridge from the seaward side on 7th August 2015
The largely timber Barmouth Railway Bridge across the River Mawddach estuary is one of the most iconic locations on the British Railway network. Unfortunately in comparatively recent years it is best known for being infested with Marine Woodworm, which in the early 1980s resulted in the threat of the bridge being closed, then remaining open but with withdrawal of locomotive hauled services whilst expensive and extensive repairs to 69 of the infested support piers were undertaken. It is on the scenic Cambrian Coast line, services which now run between Shrewsbury, via Welshpool, Machynlleth, Dovey Junction, Barmouth and Porthmadog to Pwllheli. Service is currently quite sparse (by south of England standards) with only 9 down and 8 up services serving Barmouth on a weekday. I did see a train crossing the bridge, but only at a distance whilst I was driving into the town from the east.

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