Greater Anglia Red Doors
May 2012 - February 2013
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


The Greater Anglia franchise is currently being run by Abellio (a division of Netherlands Railways) on a management contract of 29 months commencing 5th February 2012 pending selection of a franchisee for a longer term lease. Accordingly rolling stock and stations are being over-branded, with rolling stock requiring refurbishment emerging in a neutral (white) livery that was actually started in the later days of the previous franchisee National Express East Anglia. The distinguishing feature of stock emerging from refurbishment whilst under Greater Anglia control is red (vice dark blue) doors. This page concentrates on stock working the Lee Valley Line.
317660 at Liverpool Street on 24th May 2012

The first class 317 to emerge in white with red doors was 317660. Although I saw it quite a few times getting a decent photograph of it eluded me until May because on previous occasions I had photographed it - poorly - in torrential rain, after dark and arriving on the platform just a few seconds too late!

I finally managed to get some decent photographs on 24th May after I travelled into work on it. Here 317660 is about to lead the 07:06 to Cheshunt out of Liverpool Street.

317661 and an unidentified 317/6 at Brimsdown on 11th July 2012

Although the red doors match the "Anglia" in the branding I think the shade used is far too "in your face". RVAR regulations require a contrasting colour but I would prefer a more restrained shade.

The second 317 to appear with red doors was the next one in the numbering sequence.

317661 and an unidentified 317/6 unit still in "one" blue worked the 09:42 Liverpool Street to Hertford East on 11th July, pictured here at Brimsdown.

317672 approaching Bethnal Green on 22nd May 2012 The third 317/6 with red doors was well out of numbering sequence, for it proved to be 317672. As it is about to pass Bethnal Green on 22nd May with the 11:39 Hertford East to Liverpool Street service you will notice the Greater Anglia branding had yet to be applied.
317659 at Tottenham Hale on 15th September 2012 whilst working the 0830 Stratford to Bishops Stortford service. 317659 and 317662 were the next 317/6s to receive the red door treatment, both being done at Ilford some time during July. Again, getting photographs quickly eluded me. Here is 317659 at Tottenham Hale on 15th September whilst working the 08:30 Stratford to Bishops Stortford. Unfortunately I missed getting a picture of 317662 two days earlier when it was my ride home. In my night shift induced stupor I erroneously thought I already had a picture of it. Doh!
317662 and 317514 at Liverpool Street on 30th October 2012 However, I learned from that mistake and seized my next opportunity when 317662 was the country end unit of my ride into work on 30th October. With 317514 it worked the 06:25 from Broxbourne, usually the 06:09 from Hertford East. Being half term week Network Rail decided to blockade the Hertford East branch for a binge on track replacement; bustitution being the result for passengers as far as, or from, Broxbourne. You would like to think having a shorter run the service would be more punctual, but this being the Lee Valley line, it was not. As per the normal diagram, this pair will next work the 07:06 to Cheshunt via the Southbury loop.

317663, 317664 and 317670 were the next to be done, I believe in numerical order.

As before I was only able to take photos whilst I was out and about on normal business - no special photo expeditions - so getting photos of these took some time and lagged seeing them for the first time.

Here 317664 departs Brimsdown leading 317671 on the 14:42 Liverpool Street to Hertford East on 7th February 2013.

At the time of writing (7th February 2013) I have still to photograph 317663 and 317670.

I have also seen several of the small number of Class 315 units with red doors working the Lee Valley, but I have also not yet been in a position to photograph them.

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