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Saturday 4th July 2009
Hastings DEMU 1001
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


close up of 1001 on the Lee Valley Line on its outward journey

Pressure of my house renovations prevented me from travelling on this tour, run by Hastings Diesels Limited (under the aegis of First GBRf) between Hastings and Nottingham. Engineering work north of Kew East Junction resulted in an extremely circuitous route around London; Brixton - Factory Junction - Longhedge Junction - Latchmere Junction - Kensington Olympia - Willesden Junction High Level - Stratford - South Tottenham - West Hampstead. This, however, gave me the opportunity to take a short break from building work to photograph it in my home locality, indeed, albeit briefly between Temple Mills East Junction and South Tottenham Junction, on the line I use to commute to work - the Lee Valley Line.

1001 is seen above and below just north of Coppermill Junction and will shortly leave the Lee Valley Line to track back west across North London to access the Midland Main Line. Believe it or not this very verdant scene is North East London - on the borders of Clapton, Hackney, Walthamstow and Tottenham - not the grimy East London most people assume. But then the Walthamstow Marshes are protected nature reserve and a haven in an otherwise densely populated area. I have lived in this general locality for 29 years, for the first two years of this period I lived within walking distance of the location these two pictures were taken, yet this is the first time I have walked across the marshes. Though I have of course very regularly travelled across them by train. I found it to be very pleasant indeed on an already hot sunny morning - the scent of lavender (and nettles - I had to stand in a huge bed of nettles to get these shots) was very heady. However, I should know better, potential photo locations noted from a train rarely work out from the "land side" - in this case the scenic shot of the whole train I thought I could get was prevented by extremely abundant vegetation - maybe it is better photo spot in winter?

1001 between Coppermill Junction and South Tottenham Junction
1001 on its way home, though it still has to get across London
This tour travelled back south to London via the East Coast Main Line. This rolling green spot, only a few miles from home, is within the M25 ring (just). In fact 1001 is about to pass from Hertfordshire into Greater London at Waggon Road, on the border between Potters Bar and Enfield. In terms of the railway line it is between Potters Bar and Hadley Wood stations. This is a potential photo location I have noted whilst driving a back route between Enfield and Barnet and again I found out the hard way does not work out well, at least in summer, due to abundant vegetation. In the lower shot I did not even notice the prominent long rush grass in the viewfinder! Whilst waiting for the train I found I had loads of rabbits for company.
1001 at Waggon Road, Enfield
Bunnies at Waggon Road

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