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29000 Class Railcars

© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


29015 approaching Connolly from the south with the 1020 working to Maynooth This is one of my favourite railway views in Dublin, looking south from the through platforms. I like the busy urban scene. Having just crossed the River Liffey from Tara Street station (the busiest station in Dublin) 29015 is approaching Connolly Station with the 10:20 working to Maynooth on 23rd May 2007.
29015 at Clonsilla, departing there at 1041 for Maynooth The same working has reached the outer suburb of Clonsilla - note the magnificent metal lattice footbridge. It is not of much use to passengers with ambulatory difficulties, but there is a level crossing at the east end of the platforms. The train will depart at 10:41 for Maynooth.

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