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29000 Class Railcars

© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


29004 at dublin Docklands station on 23rd May 2007 29004 on 23rd May 2007 at the then almost new Dublin Docklands station.
29004 approaching Clonsilla on 23rd May 2007 Here 29004 is approaching platform 2 at Clonsilla, the other end of the inner suburban working from Dublin Docklands, on 23rd May 2007. The unit departed Docklands at 10:40.
Roof detail on two and a half cars worth of 29004

The rather magnificent lattice metal footbridge at Clonsilla provides a good vanatge point to photograph roof detail on two and a half cars worth of 29004, 29104 being furthest from the camera.

After discharging passengers (hardly any at this time of day), the unit crossed over to the up track to depart from platform 1 back to Dublin Docklands. There were only two passengers, myself and another passenger, who despite announcements and the PIS managed to get on the wrong train - he wanted to go to Dublin Connolly!

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