Vingt-cinq heures à Paris
31st August & 1st September 2009
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff


EMU S127 at the Gare du Nord

This is a page of EMUs.



Here are two interesting fluted stainless steel suburban 3 car units of Class Z 6100 built between 1965 and 1971. They are due for replacement in 2011. They have a relatively modern Dellner automatic coupling, so either this is a later modification or maybe just that Britain was very late into the game with these, which wouldn't surprise me one bit.

EMU S131 at the Gare du Nord These 25kV AC units operate services as far north as Compiègne.


Picardie double deck EMU 516 at the Gare du Nord

Two shots of a modern double deck EMU of Class Z 26500. Unit number 516 is formed of 5 cars (the majority of this class are 4 car units), and is branded for working Picardie services.


Built by Alstom/Bombardier from 2004 onwards, each car has one motor bogie and they are capable of working on 1500V DC and 25kV AC.

Car number 261531 of double deck EMU 516 at the Gare du Nord The centre car is what we British call an open composite, car number 261531.

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