Québec City
7th August 2011
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

Exterior of the Gare du Palais, Quebec City

Québec City is at the eastern end of the eastern Canada railway corridor (the western ends being Niagara Falls and Windsor). A service runs between Montreal and Québec City via Drummondville, plus a shuttle connects with the 6 day a week service which runs to Halifax, Nova Scotia, along the south bank of the St. Lawrence River.

We did not see any trains in Québec City! The platforms are well hidden from the interior of the station building and externally by "air rights" developments, much of which is a large bus station of the Québec province based Orléans Express Company. Pouring rain detered us from speculatively walking around the large site in the hope of seeing something.

Québec City's Gare du Palais station was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1915 in the then fashionable château style to complement the city's Château Frontenac hotel.

Interior of the booking hall, Gare du Palais, Quebec City

This station was not served by trains between 1976 and 1985.





The bare brick interior is quite attractive, and where else in one location can one buy a train ticket and have a filling done?






Interior of the booking hall, Gare du Palais, Quebec City This is looking towards the "concourse", not that there is much evidence of the purpose of this building. Like many railway stations these days there is a range of catering outlets, and here the catering facilities well exceed the needs of only travellers. One travel guide we read claimed one of the best restaurants in the city was at the station. As the station is handily located between the touristy Vieux Ville and modern business parts of the city it can count on both as catchment areas for potential diners.
Ceiling of the booking hall, Gare du Palais, Quebec City
The ceiling in the booking hall is well worth looking up at!

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