Québec Funiculaire
6th & 8th August 2011
© copyright photographs by Colin Duff

The top station of the funicular

We are quite fond of funiculars/cliff railways and we were therefore delighted to partake of the funiculaire that plys between the haute ville and basse ville in the vieux ville part of Québec City.

The Québec Funiculaire opened in 1879 and used a water ballast system. It was converted to electrical operation in 1907. It was destroyed by a fire in 1945 but was rebuilt and back in operation in 1946. There were major renovations in 1978 and 1998.

Today it is effectively two inclined lifts which operate independently.

(left) The top station, which is on the board walk which extends from the Château Frontenac towards The Citadel.

Looking from the top, two cars ascending

(left) Looking at the two cars from the top, and
(right) a car descending from the top viewed from the bottom

As the two cars operate independently it can look as if they are racing each other up or down!

Looking from the bottom, one car decending
Looking from beside the bottom station towards the top (left) looking towards the top station from beside the bottom station, which is the building to the right. The entrance to the bottom station is relatively inconspicuous and can easily be missed.

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