UK Railways - left to right, Merchant Navy Class steam loco, preserved 4Cor power car, London Underground surface stock, Class 33/1 loco
UK Railways - left to right, Class 305 EMU, Croydon Tramlink tram, preserved Sunderland tram, two TMST power cars
top to bottom - Amsterdam tram, Italian Railways push-pull driving trailer, Walt Disney World monorail, TGV Duplex power car

Colin Duff's World of Railways
(or at least the parts of the world he's been to!)

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I retired from work two years ago and have only just found the time to recommence working on this website. A specific "latest additions" menu will appear eventually, but today's update is in the UK Index.

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Colin Duff's World of Transport
(excluding railways)
top to bottom - Portuguese Railways class 1400 loco, Swedish Diesel loco, Brill streetcar, Chinese steam loco
Irish Railways - left to right, Class 141 loco, CDRJC Railcar, Dublin Dart, Dublin LUAS Red LIne tram
USA Railways - left to right, MBTA RDC, Baldwin #1702, New york subway car, ACL E8

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